Sanservia Trifasciata Jade Pagoda
Sanservia Trifasciata Jade Pagoda
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Sanservia Trifasciata Jade Pagoda

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Sansevieria Trifasciata 'Birds Nest'.

Jade Pagoda - part of the snake plant family

This Sansevieria has a deep dark green stripe with the contrast yellow stripe down the waxy leafs surface. 

Snake plants are great for the bedroom as they store up oxygen throughout the day, then release it all at night.

Easy to propagate - divide plant or leaf cutting use water propagation method.

If the tip of the leaf frays slightly do not be tempted to cut as this will cause problems just except this minor imperfection or remove leaf from the root. 

Potted in 9cm CoCoz pot, height approximately 15cm.