Caladium Sweetheart 'Kathleen'
Caladium Sweetheart 'Kathleen'
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Caladium Sweetheart 'Kathleen'

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A show stopper of a plant!

With leaves growing as large as 20cm and stems 40cm this Caladium really makes a statement.

The Sweetheart Caladium - also known as Caladium Kathleen or 'Angel Wings'. With its large pink leaves bordered with green these are a rare Caladium that can be enjoyed each growing season.

Caladiums grow their foliage during Spring through to Autumn and then go dormant during winter. At this time foliage will die back and plant will go to bulb. It is important to keep dry during this time so you can either place the pot and bulb somewhere safe or take the bulb out of the pot and store in a paper bag somewhere dry ready to pot back in Spring.

Potted in 17cm coir pot with peat free soil.

Caladium Care