Hydroponic station with 6 rootings
Hydroponic station with 6 rootings
Hydroponic station with 6 rootings
Hydroponic station with 6 rootings
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Hydroponic station with 6 rootings

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This beautiful wood hydroponic station has 6 glass tubes in staggered height.

LED lighting is incorporated in the wood which has a special effect at the roots of the cuttings. This light causes a calming affect in the room that helps with general well-being.

This set has 6 cuttings included - Clusia rosea, Ctenanthe Burle Marxii Amagris and Syngonium.

Cuttings will arrive without water so will need to be filled upon opening.

Height approx. 25cm




Care and Maintenance 

Fill water to where only the roots are - never put the plant itself under water, not even a piece of the stem - just the roots.

Also leave the top part of the roots free of water so that they can breathe.

The roots absorb the water as needed, so they regulate it themselves.

Never leave the plants without water, you can just top it up. It is not necessary to give the plants that are on water extra nutrition, the plant does not grow so quickly on water.

The roots of the Clusia can purify the water very well.

If baths become a bit more yellow or you want to feed plants anyway, put 1 or 2 drops of nutrition in the water and mix it with the water.

Change all the water the next day so that the plant has been able to absorb some nutrition, but is not in water with too much nutrition for too long. That can damage the roots.

Algae can also get into the water. The production of new roots differs per plant type, one variety produces new roots within a week, the other one only after a few weeks.There may be some root rot in the beginning, but that is because the plant still has to adapt to the new environment. Eventually the plant will have roots that have adapted to the water, so-called water roots.With a Clusia the new roots are often white in color.

A light location is very important, not in full sun, indirect light is best.Plants adapt to the circumstances and can remain like this for years.

If you use rainwater, you will suffer less from a lime edge on the glass, and the water is also softer for the plant compared to tap water.

Rinse the roots about every month and put fresh water in the glass.

If the water is not dirty, you can also leave it longer.If the water becomes cloudy earlier, the glass can be rinsed and cleaned.Make sure that the glass remains clean and nice and clear, so that you can enjoy the plants.